Chirp IQ

Providing Failure Prediction For Your Equipment

Are existing and new failure modes in your factory equipment causing disruption in your production schedules and dissatisfaction to your customers?

ChirpIQ SMART Platform is here to help. Putting Artificial Intelligence To Work On Manufacturing Floors


Failure Prediction Score

Attach wireless sensors to machines, setup the machines in the ChirpIQ Smart Platform and watch the system predict faults. It is like hiring hundreds of new people who can be trained just by looking at the sensor data form your machines. Now, THAT is the promise of IoT


Improve Equipment Life

Prevention is better than cure. Preventive maintenence can increase the life of capital equipment by years and at a fraction of the cost of repairs. Eliminate disruptions to the production schedule due to last minute and emergency repairs


Use Existing Sensors

ChirpIQ platform predicts failures using IoT and industrial sensors. We can work with most of the existing sensors and PLCs. If more sensors are required, ChirpIQ has a list of approved industrial sensors and networks that can be installed in hours for additional data acquisition


Streamline Production

Providing predictive alerts in form of texts, emails and integration with your existing systems, the labor, work order scheduling, inventory and maintenence can be planned to create a more streamlined production schedules. Condition based maintenence is now a reality with ChirpIQ SMART Platform


ChirpIQ Smart Platform


  • Volume

    Ingest high volumes of multiple IoT data streams. Analyze and display them in real time with drag-and-drop ease

  • Learning

    Learn from your data. System becomes smarter as more data flows through it, making smarter choices that will surprise you

  • Real Time Decision

    Let the system take intelligent and targeted decisions based on learning, in real time

  • Scaling

    System scales up to thousands of nodes or scales down to a Raspberry Pi form factor, for wide variety of use cases

  • Deployment

    Use our public cloud based multi tenant, SAAS system or deploy the system on a private on-premise cloud to suit your needs

  • Sensor Network

    Create an ecosystem of IoT devices for your business, that can work individually and as a dependent group

  • Quick ROI

    Get fast ROI. Implement the system within weeks with default data analytics and learning.

  • App Exchange

    Releasing soon: Sell your IoT device firmware, integration, analytics and machine learning components on App Exchange. For consumer IoT

  • Developers

    Releasing soon: A hosted FREE IoT platform for developers of consumer IoT products. Develop your product and use our platform and App to control the products

Our Mission

Create disruptive, intelligent systems that deliver on the promise of Internet of Everything

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Machine Intelligence: Learn from the exabytes of IoT data and use the learning to take decision in real time

ChirpAnywhere Smart Platform delivers intelligent learning models from raw REAL TIME data and a decisioning platform for using the models with real time data streams